Hip Rectangular Double Dome

Ultra Shade Dbl Dome2 Valley View 340
  • Ultra Shade Dbl Dome2 Valley View 340
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UltraShade's Hip Double Dome Shades are a great way to protect your patrons and your recreational investment from some of Mother Nature's elements; Sun, Heat, Hail, and UV Rays. Great for parks or large spaces.


  • Pre-engineered shade solutions
  • UltraShade products are designed to meet codes in your local area
  • Zinc rich primer is applied with a 1-2 mil thickness, followed by our polyester super durable powder-coat that is electrostatically applied and oven baked to a 2-4 mil coating thickness
  • Framework is engineered to withstand 5psf snowload and wind gusts up to 90 mph with fabric (ASCE-7) and up to 150 mph with fabric removed