Why UltraSite

At UltraSite we take pride in providing communities the opportunity to enjoy life’s intermissions – a slight pause from a busy lifestyle.  Our site amenities not only enhance your outdoor recreation space, but they build a sense of belonging around an enjoyable experience.

UltraSite’s brands of site amenities, shades, shelters, dog parks and outdoor fitness products, are the superior choice that provide a low maintenance, durable solution for any outdoor recreation location. We have been standing behind our products for over 15 years so that you can watch the sunrise, grill out with your family, or just have a nice place to relax while the kids are playing.

We hope that UltraSite can join you as you build your next intermission.

Our Products:

  •  UltraCoat Collection: Features premium thermoplastic coated picnic tables, benches, and trash receptacles
  •  Premium Collection: Features sleek site furnishing designs to enhance any landscape
  • Natural Collection: Features 100% recycled plastic, wood and aluminum for a more natural look
  • Accessories: Add matching accessories to complete your space
  • BarkPark: Agility equipment and matching amenities for your dog park
  • ActionFit: Outdoor fitness equipment similar to indoor gyms with outdoor quality
  • Shade & Shelter: A full spectrum of shade and shelter designs that create community spaces while protecting patrons from many of nature’s elements