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Build an outdoor gym for an apartment complex, local park, or school campus by installing ActionFit’s outdoor fitness equipment. ActionFit's fitness equipment is designed for users 13 and up and encourages healthy, active outdoor exercise while addressing the critical 5 elements of fitness:

1. Aerobic Fitness: ActionFit's outdoor fitness equipment is designed to promote aerobic fitness by offering various cardio-focused activities. Users can engage in activities such as cycling, using the Recumbent Cycle, or the Cardio Walker, which moves similar to an elliptical. These activities elevate the heart rate, improve cardiovascular health, and increase endurance.

2. Muscle Strength: The fitness equipment provided by ActionFit includes many options for muscle strength training. Users can engage in exercises like the bench dip using the Bench Dip Station, or pull ups using a Pull-Up Bar. Building muscle strength is crucial for overall health and functional fitness.

3. Balance: Balance is a key component of fitness, especially as we grow older. ActionFit's outdoor fitness equipment includes balance beams, balance boards, and many assisted fitness equipment options designed to challenge and improve users' balance. These activities help to improve balance which helps to prevent falls and enhance stability, which is essential for daily activities and sports.

4. Flexibility: To address flexibility, ActionFit equipment incorporates outdoor fitness options that are great for all ages. Stretching is vital for maintaining joint mobility and preventing injuries. Users can perform dynamic and static stretches to enhance flexibility and range of motion.

5. Core Strength: Core strength is essential for maintaining good posture, preventing back pain, and enhancing overall stability. ActionFit's equipment includes stations and exercises specifically designed to target the core muscles. Users can engage in exercises like planks, leg raises, and hanging knee tucks to strengthen their core.

By offering a well-rounded fitness routine that addresses all five elements of fitness, ActionFit helps individuals in the community improve their overall health and wellness. Regular use of this equipment can lead to increased physical fitness, reduced health risks, and a higher quality of life.

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​Frequently Asked Questions

What is ActionFit by UltraSite? 

ActionFit is a permanent outdoor fitness solution designed for community space. We offer three product lines:

What are the benefits of outdoor fitness equipment?

Through comprehensive research, we have discovered that engaging in outdoor exercise not only enhances the overall enjoyment of workouts but also leads to increased frequency and longer durations of physical activity. When compared to indoor exercise, working out in natural settings is correlated with heightened feelings of revitalization, positive engagement, and boosted energy. Additionally, outdoor exercise has been associated with reduced tension, confusion, anger, and depression.

Who should use ActionFit?

The ActionFit equipment is crafted to offer comfort to beginners while also presenting a challenge for fitness experts. For instance, a Plyometric Box can serve as a platform for repetitive box squats for experts, yet function as a step-up and down for beginners. Suitable for individuals aged 13 to active seniors, outdoor fitness provides flexibility in modification, allowing users to select their preferred challenge level. The key is to encourage people to get outdoors and engage in physical activity. As a precaution, consulting a physician before initiating any exercise routine is always recommended.

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ActionFit products emulate equipment found in gyms but are built to last outdoors. With over 50 equipment choices and expertly configured courses, ActionFit can help your community get active!

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