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UltraSite designs and develops commercial bollards for facilities across North America and the world. Our bollards are designed to last years outside in any type of weather and with very little maintenance. Utilize our filtering tool to the left to curate our bollards to meet your needs.

About Our Bollards

Bollards can be installed anywhere to help increase security and improve safety measures. These barrier posts can be found outside of schools, government buildings, retail buildings, warehouses and more. Below are just a few examples of bollards we sell at UltraSite.

Safety Bollards

The most common type of barrier post is a safety bollard. At UltraSite, our safety bollards can improve the safety of a building’s exterior by acting as a barrier between unwanted vehicular traffic. Many government buildings and warehouses will use these types of safety bollards not only to protect the building but also the occupants.

UltraSite’s safety bollards have an 8” diameter and a 1 and 2 loop option to use with a chain. The safety bollards come in two different mount options: inground and surface mount.

Multi-Purpose Bike Bollards

Make the most of your space with multi-purpose bike bollards. Installing bike bollards allows people to lock up their bike while also protecting them from any unwanted traffic.

At UltraSite, we offer two different types of bollards that can be used for bike parking. Our Durham Bollard and Madison Bollard have large rings that allow for cyclists to lock up their bikes with ease.

Steel Bollards

If you want a bollard that is protective, but also aesthetic, steel bollards are the perfect choice. Offering a sleek design, steel bollards are becoming the preferred options among building developers. Steel bollards are a timeless option for their design as well the superior protection they provide.

Collapsible Bollards

Keep vehicles from attempting to gain access to areas that are temporarily restricted with collapsible bollards. These bollards are usually used in areas that need versatile protection. It is common to find collapsible bollards in industrial areas where traffic only allows specific types of vehicles.

At UltraSite, our collapsible bollards come in safety yellow color only. The base clearance when collapsed is 3-½”. It must be installed with J bolts or anchor bolts, which are sold separately.