Everything You Need to Know About Bollards

Bollards are a discrete yet effective piece of equipment that can improve the safety of a building's exterior. Given the fact that bollards often blend into the design of the building's property, it's easy to forget about these pivotal features. When you have a better understanding of what safety bollards are and what they are used for, you will quickly discover that they are an essential security feature at any type of building.

What is a Bollard?

Sometimes referred to as barrier posts, bollards, by definition, are a short, sturdy post that is installed in the ground. At one time, bollards were primarily used on docks and at wharfs as a docking station for posts. In the modern era, however, safety bollards are used as part of a building's design in order to block vehicular traffic from entering the area and to improve the security of the building.

The concept of a bollard is simple, but today's contemporary barrier posts are designed to meet the needs of a vast range of clients. From rudimentary, cement bollards to decorative bollards that complement the architectural style of the building, there are safety bollards available for every type of project.

Benefits of Installing Bollards

In an era where safety and security is at the forefront of everyone's minds, bollards have never been more necessary. These are just a few of the benefits that you will enjoy when you invest in safety bollards for your business or residential space:

  • Bollards protect your building as well as the people who are entering or exiting the building. They effectively stop vehicular traffic from entering certain vulnerable spaces, adding an unmatched sense of security to any structure.
  • Bollards give you more control over who enters or exits your building. Collapsible bollards allow you to give access to specific people or vehicles and even control traffic based on the time of day.
  • Barrier posts come in many colors and design styles, allowing you to enhance the appearance of your building while simultaneously boosting security on the premises.

How to Use Bollards

When strategically placed, bollards prevent vehicular traffic from entering a specific area. The purpose of the safety bollards is to protect both drivers as well as pedestrians, and to improve the security of the building.

Bollards can be installed virtually anywhere that requires increased security or improved safety measures, but these are some of the most common places where barrier posts are used:

  • Schools — Security is a top priority at schools, particularly at elementary, middle and high schools, where minor children are accessing the building at any given time. At the university level, safety professionals are often concerned with the amount of foot traffic, bike traffic and vehicular traffic at any given time of the day, which is why improved safety measures are often necessary. Bollards provide an increased level of protection at school buildings, and are often found near the entrance of any buildings on the school property.
  • Government Buildings — At every level, government officials are working to improve the safety and security of their buildings. Whether someone is redesigning a municipal library or a major firm is working to build a federal government building, bollards are almost always included in the safety plan. Safety bollards protect government buildings from unwanted intruders and add an extra layer of security for all individuals who will be accessing the building.
  • Retail Buildings — Bollards are becoming increasingly common at retail buildings, where theft and invasion are very real threats. Barrier posts placed outside of the storefronts — where retailers often put their most valuable and sought-after goods on display — protect not only the business's assets but also the customers who frequent those locations.
  • Warehouses and Industrial Complexes — Industrial areas often need extra protection due to the valuable equipment that is stored in warehouse buildings and due to the critical nature of the work that is performed in these areas. Specialty safety bollards are often used in industrial areas, and they are placed in vulnerable spots where additional security is needed in order to protect employees as well as equipment.
  • Roads with Bike Lanes — With many communities increasing their commitment to eco-friendly initiatives, there are more bike lanes being added to roads than ever before. However, bikers want to feel confident knowing that they are protected and safe while commuting on the roads. There are innovative bollards that can be installed along bike lanes, protecting bikers from vehicular traffic and allowing them to safely travel using their preferred mode of transportation.

Places to Install Bollards

Bollards can be used in a variety of spaces around buildings or in vulnerable areas in order to improve the protection of a building or site. These are some of the best places to install bollards:

  • In front of a structure — Perhaps the most noticeable place to install bollards is in the front of a structure, where the safety bollards literally guard the building that is just beyond them. Retail buildings, schools and government buildings most commonly place barrier posts directly in front of their structures in order to protect the building itself as well as all of its occupants.
  • Along the side of a roadway — In urban areas where there is a combination of heavy vehicular traffic as well as increased foot traffic, it is not uncommon to see barrier posts along the side of the roadway. These smaller bollards are generally designed to protect the pedestrians or bikers who are near the roadside.
  • Near valuable equipment — In industrial complexes, bollards are usually placed near the most valuable equipment located inside the warehouses. Not only does this protect the assets of the organization, but it also ensures that the daily operations are uninterrupted.
  • In high-traffic areas — Bollards are commonly used to protect pedestrians, which is why they are often installed in high-traffic areas. Anywhere where you will find many people as well as plenty of cars, it's important to have bollards in place in order to keep everyone as safe as possible as they go about their daily lives.

Different Types of Bollards

Not all bollards are created equal. It's important to choose the right barrier posts for your building or project, so you need to know what different types of safety bollards are available.

Collapsible Bollards

Collapsible bollards are high-tech bollards that are used in areas where versatile protection is required. Most commonly, these heavy-duty bollards are found in industrial areas, where traffic is restricted to specific types of vehicles. Collapsible bollards can provide approved vehicles with the access they need, while preventing unwanted traffic from entering the area.

Safety Bollards

Safety bollards are the most common type of barrier posts, and their strength and versatility makes them the perfect choice for nearly any site. Available in a variety of colors as well as different height variations, these bollards can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Multi-Purpose Bike Bollards

Available in a more contemporary design, multi-purpose bike bollards are ideal for government buildings, community centers or retail locations that want their barrier posts to blend into their design while still adding extra security to the premises. In addition to preventing unwanted traffic in the area, these bollards can be used as bike storage.

Steel Bollards

With their sleek design and their enhanced security features, steel bollards are quickly becoming the preferred option among building developers and security professionals. Steel bollards add a sense of timeless elegance to any building's exterior, all while providing superior protection.

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