How To Buy
How To Buy


UltraSite knows that planning a comfortable setting for your patrons can feel like an overwhelming task. We want to make your experience an easier one, and that is why we offer this brief online guide to get you started. We are here to help in every aspect of planning from Budgeting, Design, Ordering/Receiving and Installing.

Costs associated with any project vary widely across the states and by region. Here we have provided a few examples of development costs to get you started with planning your project’s budget.

How to Plan a Budget

Budgeting for a new space is clearly the first important step of the process and we would like to provide some key considerations to keep in mind while planning your project budget

  • The overall size and shape of the area intended for the equipment
  • If you are interested in naturalizing your space through plantings and landscaping
  • How many patrons are you trying to accommodate
  • Shipping Costs
  • Installation Costs

UltraSite will help you design the perfect space for your visitors and patrons. You can choose from one of our pre-designed structures shown in our catalog or on our website, or you can work with your UltraSite Sales Representative to create a truly unique and custom structure to meet all your needs and expectations.

Since there are so many options, the design process can become overwhelming; keep these simple guidelines in mind when deciding what amenities are best for your project:

  • Age groups of patrons
  • Size of the area
  • Keeping the setting non-offensive to patron tastes
  • What types of features are you looking for in the amenities (premium design, modern lines, recycled, etc.)


Ordering your site furnishings does not need to be difficult. UltraSite tries to make your ordering process run as smoothly as possible. Once you are ready to place your order, your local representative will work closely with you and make sure you are getting everything that you requested. Once your appropriate paperwork has been completed, your local representative will work with our full time order entry team to insure your order will be completed promptly.

Receiving Your Order

You can be confident that the quality of UltraSite products and the service you will receive from our representatives and customer service will make your purchasing experience a great one! You are responsible for facilitating the receiving, unloading, and storing your equipment when it arrives at your site. Be prepared to receive your shipment by following these simple steps:

Facilitate Delivery
  • Designate a clear path to the site for the delivery truck.
  • Determine a dry and secure storage site with sufficient space to protect your investment until assembly.
  • Depending on your order, you may need to arrange for a forklift with extended forks to be on-site at the time of delivery.
  • If a forklift is not available, arrange for 4-5 people to unload the equipment and transport it to storage.
Receiving the Shipment
  • Compare the packing slip with the containers shipped to verify the address and purchase order numbers are correct.
  • Make sure the proper number of pieces have arrived.
  • Crosscheck each container label against the Bill of Lading provided by the shipping company to ensure that you have received the number of items noted on the shipping document.
  • Crated and uncrated items that are labeled count towards the total number of items.
Survey for Damage
  • Inspect and make detailed notes of any detectable damage to the equipment.
  • Sign for the delivery once all shortages or damages have been clearly noted.
  • If there are any issues or shortages, contact your UltraSite representative to file a claim.
Unload and Store
  • Unload the delivery using a forklift.
  • If you do not have a forklift, unload the parts from the shipment individually.
  • Gather all paperwork and save for reference.


As the Owner/Operator of the equipment, you should use the following checklist as a basic guide for proper maintenance for your UltraSite equipment:

  • Check and repair damage caused by wear or vandalism
  • Regular tightening of all bolts, nuts, set screws and other hardware
  • Equipment should be free of rust and repainted with an appropriate lead free paint whenever necessary to deter rusting.
  • If part is broken or worn it should be replaced immediately.
  • Check for broken support/anchors. Stability in ground, structures should not be easily swayed; connections should be solid and adequately secured.
  • Check for accessible sharp edges or points. Check for protruding bars, bolts, nuts, etc. Eliminate these conditions.
  • Check for exposed ends of tubing that should be covered with plugs or caps.
  • Check for loose bolts, nuts, etc. and tighten.

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