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4 Important Tips for Furnishing Inviting Public Spaces

UltraSite’s goal is to help our clients create public spaces that are as thoughtfully composed and welcoming as their own homes. With our unique line of premium site furnishings and amenities, we strive to make outdoor spaces where people love to spend their time. The combination of UltraSite’s 150,000 square foot U.S. manufacturing facility, a team of dedicated professionals, and access to premium materials allows UltraSite to produce customizable and quality products for dog parks, outdoor fitness parks, and everything in between!

1. Choose Colors That Pop

There are numerous aesthetic elements that contribute to good design. A well-designed public space should offer comfortable places to sit, rest, and take in the sights and smells, but there are many more factors that must be considered! The most simple way to enhance the appeal of a public space and give it a distinct, unique flare is by choosing the correct colors. “With so many coating options, you are no longer limited to just a handful of colors,” says Mike Moll, general manager and vice president of UltraSite. UltraSite offers 16 custom colors to complement any vision and ensure that each element - from park benches to bike racks - contributes to a harmonious public space!

2. Select Quality Components

Bridging the gap between classic and modern, UltraSite’s premium collection offers an alternative to over-priced architectural furnishings while maintaining an elegant presentation. With 16 collections in production, UltraSite’s products are perfect for parks, universities, hospitals, resorts, multi-family housing complexes, and businesses. Each product can be altered and customized to meet the needs of the customer and space. “By using their expansive knowledge of products in the industry, they incorporate multiple raw materials such as recycled plastics and thermoplastic coatings to leverage each of the product's strengths to meet the objective of the client.”

3. Accessibility is Key

Public spaces are not beneficial to the community unless they are accessible to all individuals. According to Stephanie Devine, UltraSite’s vice president of marketing and brand strategy, “It’s important to provide spaces where people can come together, enjoy the outdoors, relax, and take a pause from busy lifestyles. With that in mind, it’s important to consider all ages and abilities when planning your space, and be sure to remember both accessible routes and amenities so that comfort is intuitive.” UltraSite’s enhanced customization allows them to create outdoor fitness equipment, tables, benches, and other amenities that are compliant with national standards for accessibility!

4. Protect Your Investment

Public spaces are not just a central space to gather with friends and neighbors. They are also significant investments in the community! When choosing elements for a public space, selecting items that contribute to the quality and longevity of the space is key. UltraSite utilizes stainless steel hardware and thermoplastic coating that is resistant to tears and vandalism, improves durability, and resists mildew. UV stable formulas also allow for protection from the suns rays and, thus, keeps our products looking new and vibrant for years to come! With more than 18 years of experience, UltraSite knows how to handle any customization request to ensure design teams get what they need.

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