Commercial Bike Racks

5 Locations to Install Commercial Bike Racks

If you’re developing an area that needs commercial bike racks, it’s important to consider the areas in which you plan to install them. Bike racks serve the purpose of bike parking for riders commuting around town. Some bikers need a place to lock up for only a few minutes, others may need a place to keep their bike for hours at a time. Choosing the right bike rack and location isn’t the easiest decision, but it is important. Here are a few ideas for places to install commercial bike racks around town.

Best Locations to Have Commercial Bike Racks

There are a lot of public areas that can use commercial bike racks. From schools and restaurants to parks and other businesses around town. Finding the best location for commercial bike racks helps cyclists who are on the go, but need a safe place to lock up when the time comes.

Bike Racks on School Campus

On a big college campus, bike racks can be very useful. Sometimes walking isn’t quite fast enough when you have a 15-minute window between classes, so a lot of students will ride bikes as a quick alternative to get from class to class. Installing bike racks outside of dorms, on-campus apartments, and department buildings can really help cyclists who need a place to lock up. Having a convenient place to lock up bikes encourages students to ride more, which might also help large universities with parking issues.

Bike Racks at Restaurants

One of the best things a restaurant can do when developing an outdoor space is to include bike racks. A bike rack can encourage cyclists to stop by for a quick refreshment or snack on their daily ride. Putting bike racks at the entrance or in front of windows gives riders peace of mind while stopping in for a quick break.

Bike Racks on the Greenway

Installing a bike rack on the greenway or along bike paths at a park gives riders the option of safely locking up to take a break or start a new activity. Ideal areas to include bike racks are outside of public restrooms and near entrances like trailheads or parking lots.

Bike Racks Outside Businesses

Putting a bike rack outside of a business like a grocery store, coffee shop, or boutique gives cyclists a place to park bikes before they come inside. Not having a bike rack could discourage cyclists from stopping in or cause them to go into another business. Having a bike rack could generate more store traffic, attracting bike commuters and others passing by.

Bike Racks at Apartment Buildings (or other multi-housing locations)

Nowadays, more people are choosing bikes to avoid the rising gas prices and reduce their carbon footprint. For those who like to ride bikes as a way to commute to work or school, having a bike rack outside of an apartment complex is especially useful. Cyclists who don’t want to lug their bikes inside will appreciate the opportunity to lock up for the night or even just for a quick visit.

Things to Consider Before Installing a Commercial Bike Rack

Now that you know the location of your commercial bike rack, it’s time to think about logistics. For example, the placement of your bike rack is key. The last thing you want is a poorly visible bike rack that cyclists are not able to locate immediately — especially if they’re in a hurry. Ensuring that bike racks are easily visible can also help prevent bike theft and vandalism.

Another important consideration for installing a bike rack is how to space it out correctly. There should be enough space around the bike rack for cyclists to easily lock up their bikes. Bike racks shouldn’t be too close to walls, doorways, walkways, or cars.

If possible, protect your bike racks from the elements. For cyclists, it’s a bonus to find bike racks that are weather protected — like underneath overhangs, covered walkways, or even trees. It’s never fun to walk outside and realize that your bike is completely soaked from a surprise storm that popped up out of nowhere. Even using shade structures above bike racks could be beneficial, especially in hot locations.

Different Styles of Commercial Bike Racks

At UltraSite, our bike racks are intentionally designed to last years outside with little maintenance and minimal wear and tear from normal use. We have designed them in circular rings and loops to be able to attach bike u-locks or flexible bike chains and keep the user’s bikes secure. We are proud of their ability to maintain their aesthetic appeal during their lifetime because of their thermoplastic coating, powder coating, or aluminum exterior. Here are a few of the different bike rack styles we offer at UltraSite.

Contemporary Loop Bike Rack

The contemporary loop bike rack can fit multiple bikes onto one rack. It is great for larger locations — like schools or apartment buildings — where many bikes may be locked up at the same time. At UltraSite, our contemporary loop bike rack is all one-piece. We offer 1,3,5,9, and 11 loop options, available as inground or surface mount.

Inverted Loop Bike Rack

The standard inverted loop bike rack can be installed at just about any location. At UltraSite, we offer standard and deluxe round tubing and 1,2,3,4, and 5 loop options on c-channel rails. Available in surface mount option only.

Square Inverted Bike Rack

Install the square inverted bike rack outside of a restaurant or store for cyclists looking to lock up their bike for a couple of hours or less. At UltraSite, our square inverted bike racks use square tubing with a beautiful powder-coated finish. This bike rack is only available as a surface mount only.

Horizons or Solstice Bike Rack

If you want a simple bike rack, check out the horizons bike rack or the solstice bike rack. Both bike racks hold up to two bikes at a time, so this is the perfect bike parking for bikes that are only going to be there temporarily — think small business or restaurant.

Hitch Post Bike Rack

For settings that are tight on space, the bollard-style bike rack is an ideal choice. Holding a capacity of up to two bikes, the hitch post bike rack can be used in local parks along walkways or throughout campus. At UltraSite, our bollard-style bike rack is available in inground and surface mount options.

At UltraSite we provide communities the opportunity to enjoy life’s intermissions – a slight pause from a busy lifestyle. We gladly help design that experience with our clients. Get in contact today with any questions about our outdoor bike racks and we can help you create the perfect outdoor space!

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