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5 Ways to Use Sun Protection

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in the country, with more than five million people diagnosed every year. While sun protection is important, there is no time like the start of summer to call attention to some risks associated with excessive sun exposure.

Importance of Sun Safety

Sun safety is important to people of all ages and ethnic groups. Spending a little time in the sun is great for your body and mind, providing valuable vitamin D, which is important for the body when it comes to calcium absorption.

However, spending too much time unprotected in the sun can lead to detrimental outcomes to your health. Skin cancer risks are the most pressing matter, but too much time in the sun can also have other associated risks as well.

How to Protect Yourself from Too Much Sun Exposure

Fortunately, by following a few safety precautions, skin cancer is preventable. Some basic steps when you know you will be spending time outdoors can drastically reduce your risks of skin cancer, as well as other types of damage to the skin and body.

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the easiest lines of defense when it comes to skin cancer. Even though sunscreen doesn't offer an all-protective shield, it can be combined with the other efforts listed throughout this article, which can really make a difference. Opt for a good, broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers protection against both UVB and UVA rays. The higher the sun protection factor (SPF), the greater the level of protection. So be sure to opt for a product that offers SPF 15 or more.

Be sure to wear sunscreen on the areas of the body that will be exposed to the sun, such as the face, arms, and legs. If you are wearing a sleeveless tank top or bathing suit, make sure not to forget sunscreen on your back. Apply a thicker layer and repeat the application if you are out in the sun for two hours or longer. It is worth noting that sunscreen with a higher SPF should be reapplied if you have plans to stay in the sun all day.

Seek Out Shade

When outdoors, try to spend as much time in the shade as possible. Shade from an overhead tree or awning is a good option because this keeps you out of direct sunlight. Even though this may not completely block you from the sun, it can make a difference.

Because skin cancer awareness has grown much more over the last several years, commercial shade structures have become increasingly more common in public areas. Outdoor shade structures can be found in many forms, such as umbrellas over park benches, cantilevers over outdoor bleachers, and sails over playground equipment. Shade structures are great for open, sunny areas that don’t have shade readily accessible. Many people like to use shade structures over spectator seating at baseball games or even at local parks.

Wear Protective Clothing

Protective clothing can be a good line of defense against UV rays. Long-sleeved shirts, pants or long skirts, and even wide-brimmed hats are good options when spending long hours outdoors. Fabrics that are tightly woven tend to be more UV-resistant, and darker colors are better at protecting your skin than lighter colors. You can also find special clothing that is specifically designed to improve UV protection.

Use Protection in Highly Reflective Areas

Cold weather days can be a bit deceiving. It is easy to assume the sun is not such a big concern when the temperatures are cooler, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Snow and ice can actually reflect UV rays and make exposure an even bigger concern than usual. In fact, snow can be more reflective of UV raysfrom the sun than water. Don't forget to protect your skin and eyes from the sun even when the ground is covered in snow.

How UltraSite’s Shade Structures Protect You from the Sun

If you are looking to add a layer of sun protection to an outdoor area, UltraSite's UltraShade structures are a great choice. These structures are specifically engineered to protect people from heat and UV rays. The super-durable structures are capable of blocking as much as 98 percent of harmful UV rays and reducing the temperature by up to 30 degrees.

UltraShade structures come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to cover a number of areas. Sail shades, while they may be the preferred look aesthetically, are not always the best choice depending on the area needing shade. If you are looking to shade a large space, hip shades or the double domes are a great solution, while a cantilever shade is perfect for spectator seating as it provides shade without obstructing the view. If you would like to learn more about our shade solutions contact us and one of our shade experts would be happy to discuss your specific shade needs.

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