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UltraSite designs and develops commercial park benches for facilities in North America and beyond. Our commercial outdoor benches are designed to last years outside in any type of weather and with very little maintenance. Utilize our filtering tool to the left to curate our commercial park benches to meet your needs.

About Our Commercial Park Benches

UltraSite’s commercial park benches maintain their aesthetic appeal during their lifetime to improve the quality of your outdoor spaces. Our commercial benches are available in a variety of materials, including; Thermoplastic coated Benches, Powder-coated Benches, Wood Benches, Aluminum Benches, and Recycled Plastic Benches.

We provide a large offering of bench designs to go into any outdoor space with various options, including; portable benches, wall-mounted benches, surface mount benches and inground mount benches depending on the style.

Our outdoor park benches can be installed at universities, malls, offices, parks, apartments, and just about everywhere in between to help create an opportunity for patrons to rest and enjoy the outdoors.

Park Benches

Park benches are a must for outdoor areas. Give park visitors a place to sit and rest while taking in their surroundings. Many parks will place park benches along walking paths, near restrooms, near playgrounds, around shade trees or sports complexes.

At UltraSite, we offer park benches that come in many different designs that can be applied to your particular park’s style. From backless benches to benches with individual seats, our park benches collection has a lot to offer.

Apartment Benches

If you are a developer looking to buy apartment benches, almost anything can work. Apartments need an area for residents to relax outdoors. Whether the benches are in front of green spaces, walking paths, or pools, residents enjoy the option of sitting down outside for some fresh air.

Mall Benches

After a full day of shopping, shoppers like to have a temporary place to sit down and rest. That’s why mall benches are the perfect addition to any shopping area. Place mall benches outside of shops, water fountains or trees. Shoppers will enjoy a short rest or place to wait on friends and family.

UltraSite’s mall benches come in many different designs. If you need a bench that borders a tree, we have the Geometric Mall Bench. This bench is designed to fit around objects or create geometric designs. The bench has a wider 20" seat with 4" tall outside border. Available in 6' and 8' lengths. If you’re looking for simplicity, our standard Mall Bench has a 15" seat with a 4" tall outside border. Available in 4', 6' and 8' lengths.

Office Benches

Working from an office has its perks, but after a while, spending too much time indoors and in front of a screen can start to wear on a person. Encourage employees to get outside by placing office benches around the exterior of your building or near green spaces. Employees who take breaks outdoors are said to be happier and more productive.