Jackson Receptacle

Jk 36
  • Jk 36
  • Jk Ft36 Ultra Blue
  • Jk Ft36 Blue
  • Jk Ft36 Burgundy
  • Jk Ft36 Red
  • Jk Ft36 Green
  • Jk Ft36 Brown
  • Jk Ft36 Beige
  • Jk Ft36 Black
  • Jk Ft36 Yellow
  • Jk Ft36 Purple
  • Jk Ft36 Dark Grey
  • Jk Ft36 Matte Black
  • Jk Ft36 White
  • Jk Ft36 Sky Blue
  • Jk Ft36 Orange
  • Jk Ft36 Spring Green
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UltraSite's Jackson Trash Receptacle is a great solution for any outdoor setting and is available with flat top, rain bonnet, or ash urn lids.


  • 36 gallon capacity
  • Only available in powder coat finish
  • 1/8" x 2" steel flat bar
  • All MIG welded frame
  • Portable and/or surface mount
  • Lid and liner included

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