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UltraSite designs and develops commercial trash receptacles for facilities across North America and the world. We have installed trash receptacles to reduce litter and recklessly distributed waste at universities, malls, offices, parks, apartments. Our trash receptacles are designed to last years outside in any type of weather and with very little maintenance. They also maintain their aesthetic appeal during their lifetime to improve the quality of your outdoor spaces. View our premium collection for a series of trash receptacles with an improved aesthetic design and materials. Our commercial trash receptacles range in materials from: Thermoplastic coated trash receptacles, Powder-coated trash receptacles, Wood trash receptacles, to Recycled Plastic trash receptacles. We pride ourselves on creating products that are sustainable, using eco-friendly wood and plastics. We also have different sizes to suit your specific waste receptacle needs. Our options include, 20, 32, 36, 40, 55, and 60-gallons sized commercial trash receptacles. Utilize our filtering tool to the left to curate our products to meet your needs. Learn More