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UltraSite manufactures commercial picnic tables for facilities in North America and around the world. Our picnic tables are intentionally designed to last years outside with little maintenance and minimal wear and tear from normal use. Use our filtering tool to the left to curate our commercial picnic tables to meet your needs.

About Our Picnic Tables

At UltraSite, we are proud of our picnic tables for their ability to maintain their aesthetic appeal during their lifetime. We create our heavy-duty picnic tables to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Our commercial picnic tables range in materials from: Thermoplastic Picnic Tables, Powder Coated Picnic Tables, Wood Picnic Tables, Aluminum Picnic Tables, to Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables. We pride ourselves on creating products that are sustainable, using eco-friendly wood and plastics. Our commercial ADA picnic tables are also creatively designed to allow for ADA accessibility with multiple mounting options.

Thermoplastic Picnic Tables

Our Thermoplastic Picnic Tables are highly durable and require very low maintenance. They are often some of our most popular picnic tables, made from metal with a sturdy thermoplastic finish. Many of the Thermoplastic Picnic Tables we offer are made with holes in them to help prevent any standing water. This is a great option for rainy areas.

UltraSite’s Thermoplastic Picnic Tables are heavy-duty and come in a few different lengths. Our picnic tables with a thermoplastic finish can come in a variety of colors from blue, ultra blue, red, burgundy and green. Patterns can also be selected between diamond shaped and perforated.

Powder Coated Picnic Tables

Choose a Powder Coated Picnic Table for your restaurant, coffee shop or even outside the library at a university. UltraSite’s picnic tables with a powder coat finish are versatile and come in varying styles and shapes.

Wood Picnic Tables

UltraSite’s Wood Picnic Tables are a natural fit for outdoor settings like parks, playgrounds and campgrounds. Wood Picnic Tables have the potential to blend in with natural surroundings, such as trees and other types of outdoor foliage. At UltraSite, we offer Wood Picnic Tables that are available in a variety of different colors.

Choose Wood Picnic Tables for any outdoor environment, with planks coming in different options such as pressure treated, redwood and untreated.

Aluminum Picnic Tables

Aluminum Picnic Tables are ideal for environments with harsh weather conditions. Aluminum is a heavy duty material, yet it is still lightweight and versatile. The surface of an Aluminum Picnic Table is easy to maintain for parks, schools, shopping centers and other outdoor locations.

At UltraSite, we offer a Rectangular Aluminum Picnic Table that is available in a variety of different lengths from 6’, 8’, 10’ or 12’ with walk-through design. The frame of the Aluminum Picnic Table can be powder coated or hot-dip galvanized.

Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Investing in Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables for parks or other outdoor settings shows that you are concerned about the environment by purchasing furniture that is made from recyclable materials. At UltraSite, our Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables use recycled plastic planks that are available in several different color options.

How Recycled Plastic Planks are made for our Picnic Tables

UltraSite offers tables, benches, planters and trash receptacles made from recycled plastic planks in a variety of styles and colors. These products contain recycled material, like your everyday milk jugs and divert these products that would otherwise end up in a landfill. See the simple steps to creating Recycled Plastic Planks below.

  1. Recycled goods are delivered in large packages and the milk jugs are sorted out, removing any non-usable product.
  2. Milk jugs are sent through a grinding process to produce lightweight flakes that are then washed to remove glue, paper labels and further contamination.
  3. Cleaned flakes are pelletized to remove any remaining contamination and the pallets are mixed in large 300K pound silos
  4. The mixture is then sent through an extruder to produce a recycled plank with uniform material, color and consistency.
  5. Enjoy your Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables by UltraSite knowing you are supporting the generations of the future!

Maintenance is easy with Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables. You can clean these eco-friendly picnic tables by using soap and water or even power-washing if needed.

UltraSite offers multiple types of Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables, coming in various lengths — depending on the table you choose.

ADA Picnic Tables

When planning to buy outdoor furniture for your park, school or facility, it’s important to consider buying ADA Picnic Tables. Regardless of the outdoor setting, ADA-compliant picnic tables are always needed. There are many different types of picnic tables offered at UltraSite that are ADA compliant.

Some of our ADA Picnic Tables allow for additional legroom and comfortable access to seating. One of UltraSite’s most popular ADA Picnic Tables offers a tabletop that is either single-sided or double-sided for accessibility.