Thermoplastic Benches
  • Five die-formed steel patterns
  • Four expanded & perforated metal styles
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Portable, inground, surface, and/or wall mount options


Extra Heavy-Duty Team Bench w/o Back (942)

The Extra Heavy-Duty Team Bench w/o Back  can be portable, inground, surface mount or wall mounted.

Extra Heavy-Duty Team Bench w/ Back (940)

The UltraCoat 940 team bench continues to be one of our most popular. This bench can be portable, inground, surface or wall mount.

Contour Bench (965 & 966)

The UltraCoat Contour Bench is available as 965 (with back),966 (without back) . 965/966 -Portable, Inground, or Surface Mount.

Cantilevered Bench (970)

The Cantilevered Bench has a variety of seat styles shown below. Bench is designed for comfortable outdoor seating. Inground mount only.

Contoured Cantilevered Bench (975 & 976)

The Contour Cantilevered Bench is available with back (975) or without back (976) in 5 different styles. Seating capacity can be increased with 4' and 6' add- on benches. Available in inground or surface mount.

Standard/Rectangular & Geometric Mall Bench (932 & 934)

The Mall bench has a 15" seat with a 4" tall outside border. Available in 4', 6' and 8' lengths.

The Geometric Mall Bench is designed to fit around objects or create geometric designs. The bench has a wider 20" seat with 4" tall outside border. Available in 6' and 8' lengths.

Bollard Style Bench (961 & 962)

The 961 Single -sided benches and the 962 double-sided benches have a heavy duty 4" square post. Benches are available in-ground or surface mount.

Capri Bench (950)

The Capri bench has a variety of styles along with an economical price. Bench can be customized with name and/or logo as an option.

Sierra Bench (955)

The Sierra bench is designed in a modern European style.

Straight Bench (700 & 800)

The 700 series seating without backs and 800 series with backs have 2 or 3 individual seat sections. The sections can be placed side-by-side to create straight or oval seat configurations, with the addition of the 715,730,815, or 830.

Conversational Bench (715/730) & Independent Bench (815/830)

The 3-seat 715 (without back) and 815 series(with back) have 15 degree angles, while the 730 (without back) and 830 series (with back) have 30 degree angles. This allows the seating to be placed in a circular seating arrangement.

Tall Food Court Chair (956)

The 956 food court chair is a taller 30" chair used in combination with the 42" high tables. Chair has an 18" wide contour seat for comfort and comes in 5 different designs.

Low Food Court Chair (953)

The 953 food court contour chair can be used with out standard 30" tables.

NEW Buddy Bench

UltraSite is pleased to introduce the Buddy Bench! Add this new trend in seating to any space to provide an area that children can go if they are feeling lonely or left out on the playground. This signals other children on the playground that they would like to be included.

Jackson Bench with back

The Jackson Series is Powder Coated and features a bolt thru design for easy installation. 

Jackson Bench without back

The Jackson Series is Powder Coated and features a bolt thru design for easy installation. 

Contour Bench (963)

The 963 Contour Bench is available in the diamond pattern and can be portable, in-ground or surface mounted. This bench features a sleek contour design and is available in 4' or 6' lengths.

Oxford Bench (86)

The 6' Oxford Bench with back features a fully welded design and ships fully assembled.