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Why use UltraShade Shade Structures?

UltraSite offers UltraShade, a wide variety of high-quality engineered shade structures that protect from many of Mother Nature's elements; Sun, Heat, and UV Rays. UltraSite is committed to providing the highest quality standards for your shade project. An UltraSite sales representative will guide you through a simplified process of providing a shade that protects your recreation investment and your community.

UltraShade pre-engineered shade structures are shipped as a pre-fabricated package, and we recommend that installation be performed by trained, highly skilled professionals.


Types of Commercial Shade Structures

At UltraSite, we offer commercial shade structures in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your specific space.

Sail Shade Structures

Commercial shade sails and structures are a beautiful way to add flare to your outdoor recreational area. Aesthetically pleasing and practical against the sun's rays, these shade shelters can come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. UltraSite offers different options for shade, such as the Triangle Sail, Hyper Rectangular Sail, and Custom Sails.

Hip Shades

A playground or sports complex is a great place for hip shade shelters. This type of sun shade is typically larger in size and provides coverage for big outdoor spaces. Our UltraShade Hip Double Dome Shade is ideal for any park.

Cantilever Shade

If you're looking for a smaller sized shade canopy, cantilever shade structures might be the best option. This type of shade can be small enough to cover a park bench or big enough to shade your spectator seating area. The UltraShade Standard Cantilever or T-Cantilever are great for casting shadows over bleachers, walkways, or school loading areas.

Commercial Umbrella

Create your own shady oasis with a commercial umbrella. This easy, economical solution accommodates any space and protects patrons from the sun. Use the UltraShade Square Umbrella or Offset Square Umbrella as a pool shade structure or even a sunny park bench.